The Essential Tools for Running a Butchery

Starting a butchery may seem like quite a task but with the right tools you will have minimal set up woes. There are certain tools that are essential to running a butchery. You could say that without these items it would be impossible to build a successful butchery.

Let’s take a look at which tools are required for running a butchery.

  1. Meat Cleaver. The main product in a butchery is meat and raw meat in its natural unprocessed form can be rather tough. Thus a sharp and strong meat cleaver is an item that a butcher cannot do without.
  2. Set of Knives. In addition to the meat cleaver, a butcher requires an arsenal of knives at his disposal to slice the meat before packaging it. The following knives are required in every butchery: butcher knives, carving knives, paring knives and poultry shears. Each of these knives has a specific role to play in the butchery. It is important that you also consider the sharpness, durability and hygiene factor when choosing the right set of knives for your butchery.
  3. Meat Hook. A meat hook is necessary to hang the meat during the curing process or to drain the liquid from the meat. It is more hygienic to hang the meat than to let it lie on a surface where germs could fester. Your goal should be to keep your butchery as hygienic as possible.
  4. Disposable Gloves. Speaking of hygiene… Disposable gloves are necessary to cover your hands at all times when working with meat. It is integral to a germ-free butchery environment as it prevents the contamination of the meat products.
  5. Full-Bib Butchers Apron. The apron should cover the front of your body to prevent any splatter of the meat onto your clothing. It’s not advisable to get any meat product onto clothing as you could then contaminate yourself and others when you leave the butchery.
  6. Carcass Scale. In business it is always advisable to be fair in order to retain customers and acquire more business. The carcass scale is necessary to weigh meat accurately. Make sure that you find one that is durable and strong, though.
  7. Vacuum Pack Machine. This machine vacuum packs and seals the meat into reasonably sized packs. The advantage of this is that it seals the meat and protects it from all outside bacteria. Thus keeping it fresh for longer.

There are seven essential tools that every butcher needs to start his business. With these tools, any butcher will be sure to have returning customers who value his business as much he does.

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Pointers When Taking Up Media And Journalism

Media and journalism cannot be torn apart because they appear hand in hand in the same industry. They both are responsible in disseminating valuable information though they have different ways of execution. Journalism alone, for example, has various forms or types and each focuses on a particular area of writing. Below are some of the most common journalism types one can choose from when taking up journalism training courses:

1. Print Journalism – Print is one of the most used media to date, making it a usual form offered in media and journalism courses. It focuses on the facts or news that are published in magazines and newspapers.

2. TV Journalism – Although it is still considered traditional media, TV journalism has evolved over the years, making it a part of more modern online channels. A media training course that concentrates on TV journalism teaches students to generate information specifically for broadcasting on television.

3. Radio Journalism – Having almost the same format as television, radio journalism is designed to produce reports that are meant to be spread to the public, but should be more descriptive as there are no visuals to support them.

Journalism is an important field, providing everyone the information they need to be updated about current events. The world could always use another journalist, which is why learning it is highly encouraged. Aside from enrolling in the appropriate journalism courses, here are some tips on becoming a more efficient journalist that one can consider, not only to learn the subject faster but also to master it.

1. In order to produce better news, one must always be on the lookout for what will happen next in politics, trade, and the whole society in general. To update other people, one must first be informed himself or herself.

2. Read sample articles and books of different genres to improve understanding of the language. There is no better way to learn syntax and broaden one’s arsenal of terminologies than through reading.

3. Practice writing to increase vocabulary and strengthen proper sentence construction.

4. Maintain good relationships with people as they can be tapped as sources of news. Enlarging your network of acquaintances translates to more people you can interview and ask favors from in case you need to obtain a certain piece of information.

Journalism contributes greatly to the development of society, keeping everyone aware of what is happening in their surroundings. Building a career in this field requires getting the right education from the industry experts and developing the relevant habits and skills.

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The World Cup by David Ospina

🇨🇴David Ospina starts for Colombia against Senegal…
❓Before the FIFA World Cup started we sat down with him to get his thoughts and predictions on the tournament…

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The Actor’s Menu – A Review

Bill Howey’s new book, “The Actor’s Menu”, gives the

aspiring actor the one thing most acting class books are

devoid of: that is the opportunity to use a comprehensive

blueprint to get a usable system for executing the craft of

acting on a repeatable basis. Howey’s book, presented much

like a restaurant menu, (presumably so actor/waiters could

understand it) is an enlightening journey into all the

ingredients that make up the portrayal of complex

characters. The Actor’s Menu forces you to think, asking a

myriad of questions aimed at discovering just what your

particular human incarnation has to bring to the table, and

how it can be applied repeatedly as the basis of your acting


As acting class books go, “The Actor’s Menu” is a corker.

Revealing without being preachy; informative yet not

dogmatic, Howey’s book forces you to think and come up with

your own personal menu that brings the best you have to

offer to the role. My favorite section was without a doubt

the Essential Ingredients chapter, where emotions, feelings

and conflict are explored for what they are and are not, and

how to meld them into an actable tool. One of the nice yet

less obvious jewels in the The Actor’s Menu is the constant

weaving and equipping of the actor’s arsenal. You may be

eating a meal here but my view is that it’s an MRE, as you

are fully equipped for battle after reading and implementing

this book.

Bill Howey is no Johnny-come-lately to this endeavor, having

been an actor. teacher, writer and producer for more than 25

years. Howey’s client list is as eclectic as it is talented.

Some of the people he’s worked with over the years include

George Clooney, Robert Mitchum, Sam Kinison, and even his

own son Steve Howey, who stars as Van on the hit WB show


If you’ve determined that you really can’t do anything else

with your life other than act, then The Actor’s Menu will

whet your appetite even further!

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